About Me

Hi I’m Dan and I’ve been an avid football fan since Sunday 30th January 1994 (I had to look up the fixture’s date, don’t worry I’m not that sad!) I do remember the game however, an FA CUP 4th round replay between Norwich City and Manchester United I saw at my uncles and the impression it left upon me. Now I should probably confess that I’m also a Manchester United fan (obviously being from the South-West) and have been ever since this game and for me that’s because they encapsulated everything football should be about, or least looking back now they did… An agile giant in goal (with spikey blonde hair) marauding full-backs (Irwin and Parker) two no-nonsense brick-houses who were never afraid to put their head on anything (Bruce and Pallister) two vertigo-inducing wingers with dribbling skills to rival a baby (Giggs and Kanchelskis) two tough-tackling enforcers dominating the centre of the park (Ince and Keane) an ahead of his time import controlling proceedings (Cantona) and a good old-fashioned centre-forward to rival the bravery of centre-backs of the time (Hughes) …and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s my pedigree? Honestly I don’t have any, I was never great at playing football so never continued to even a semi-semi-professional level (and even that I’ve exaggerated) I have however taken an almost encyclopedic interest in football for the last 23 years, ranging from the days of Merlin sticker-books (yep I still remember Giggs’ height was 1.80m!)  and when football actually used to be on terrestrial TV to the multi-billion pound industry it is today. I’m not saying that you should listen to my opinion based on that hopefully the content will speak for itself… but besides who knows more or are more passionate than the fans?!

I’ve created this website because I thought it was time to put my ‘anorakish’ tendencies to some use and hopefully fill in some of the blanks on the big deals in the football world. I’ll try to distinguish between fact and fiction in the constantly turning rumour mill and hopefully provide insight into transfers involving lesser known players from further afield. All without neglecting the fundamental facts. I’ve yet to find another website which combines all this.

I’ve purposely avoided calling this website mine because frankly it isn’t, I want everybody to contribute. If anything sparks your interest feel free to get involved and leave a comment. When it comes to football everyone has an opinion and all are welcome here. Likewise if you wish to leave any feedback, again you’re more than welcome.

Make sure you visit here regularly as I’m constantly updating with breaking news and stories.

Thanks for dropping by!