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In Dybala transfer news, the diminutive Argentinian is once again being linked with a move away. Unsurprisingly interest in Dybala is high. His talent is well known. He’s also starting to perform at a consistently high level. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are all being linked with the Juventus star. So is Dybala the next hottest property to move for big money?


Will Dybala leave? Who will be successful in signing him? We try and answer these questions…


dybala transfer news

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Paulo Dybala 

Age: 23

Nationality:  dybala transfer news 10 caps 0 goals

Position: striker, can play attacking centre midfield

Reported Transfer Fee: £155mil

2016/17 League Stats: 26 starts (5 sub appearances) 11 goals (6 assists)

2017/18 League Stats: 6 starts (1 sub appearance) 10 goals (0 assists)



Dybala has started the season on fire. 10 goals in 6 games says it all and is the best strike rate in any of Europe’s big leagues. He has nearly matched last season’s goal haul already, despite the season having barely started.


It’s not like his figures from last season weren’t respectable either, they were. His performances on the whole were of an extremely high standard as he finished 6th in UEFA Player of the Year Award, ahead of the likes of Mbappe and Lewandowski. He contributed hugely to Juventus securing yet another Serie A title and to their run to the final of the Champion’s League, famously scoring twice against Barcelona.


This season he looks to have taken his game on to the next level and if this early form is anything to go by, he could be in line for a sensational season. Who knows, Dybala might finally be the one to come between Messi and Ronaldo at the end of season player award ceremonies.


Considering his talent and strong performances, interest was unavoidable. I’m not shocked that the rumours concerning a possible summer switch for Dybala have already started.


Nothing is going to happen before the summer though. There’s no way Juventus are going to sell such an important player mid-season.


dybala transfer news In his first professional season Dybala scored 17 goals in Argentina’s second division for Instituto. Palermo moved quickly to bring him to Italy for £7.5mil but he had an up and down time with the club experiencing relegation and promotion in his three years there. In his last season in Palermo, Dybala managed 13 Serie A goals, helping them to their best season in recent years, a respectable mid-table finish.


Shortly after Juventus swooped and he’s been a fixture in the team ever since he joined for £28mil.


Dybala is starting his third season with Juventus and it would be no surprise if it’s his final one. I can’t see Europe’s elite waiting too much longer to make a move for one of the biggest talents in the world. There’s been an undercurrent of rumours for a while and this is only likely to increase as Dybala keeps raising the bar with his performances.


dybala transfer newsAs big a team as Juventus are, they seem to understand there’s teams above them in the pecking order and financially much stronger. They also aren’t totally opposed to selling top players if a deal is financially too good to refuse. The Italians tend to take a pragmatic approach and won’t stand in the way, especially if a player wants to leave. Vidal and Pogba are good examples of this and maybe even Bonucci this summer.


All these deals had one thing in common. Juventus benefited substantially, financially.


Dybala’s potential fee is being reported at around the £150mil mark, that sounds believable in the current climate. If we ignore that transfer fees are getting a bit crazy and look at the sums relatively speaking. Dare I say, compared to Neymar’s £195mil fee in particular, Dybala doesn’t look like bad value. As good as Neymar is, he’s not the best part of £50mil better than Dybala.


There’s only a few clubs which can afford such a deal. No surprises then that it’s the usual suspects being linked; Man Utd, Real and Barca.


dybala transfer newsOf all those mentioned, Utd are clearly the team furthest away from where they want to be. Their problems since Fergie left are well known. Mourinho seems to be turning things around and they are looking more like themselves, especially this season but there’s still a long way to go.


So fairly obviously, Utd could do with Dybala the most. As good as Mata and Mkhitaryan can be Dybala offers far more, he’s a genuine world-class talent and would be a massive improvement. One thing Dybala offers unlike the other two is a consistent goal threat.


He would likely play behind Lukaku if he were to join and he’d offer Utd a completely new dimension to their attack. As well as more of a goal threat from deeper, he can operate in the tight spaces and unlock defences.


Dybala very much carries on the tradition of the Argentine number 10. He’s very much in the mould of Maradonna, Messi and Aguero. Small in stature but technically close to perfect, intelligent and physically he’s not bad either. He only lacks in a couple of areas although this could be a factor in England. (His aerial ability and his strength are the weaker parts of his game for the record.)


His technique and touch is exemplary, he can finish, dribble, has good composure, great movement, vision and decision making. He’s no slouch and is extremely mobile. Any club would want him.


dybala transfer newsAt Barcelona, Dybala would provide a similar problem to what I described with Coutinho’s and Griezmann’s possible purchases. It’s difficult to see the expensive Dembele sit out and that would be required if Dybala was to be employed out wide. So again a change of formation would be required to accommodate Dybala in his preferred position due to the amount of attacking talent at Barca’s disposal.


Dybala and Messi are definitely intelligent enough to play together but it wouldn’t be the most balanced of attacking line-ups with both players offering similar qualities and preferring to operate in similar spaces.


However Dybala looks like the future of Argentina. Maybe Barca see him as Messi’s heir in Catalonia as well…


dybala transfer newsOf all those linked with the Argentinian, the Real Madrid links seem to have been ongoing the longest and for good reason. Despite’s Real recent successes and top prospects like Asensio waiting in the wings, it’s been a while since they have made any notable, world class additions.


Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema might still be world class themselves but it’s fair to say they are all looking past their peak despite some top level performances. It’s been a long time, particularly by Real standards, since they injected some freshness into their attack, especially someone young who is ready for first team football at the highest level, right now.  You could say a signing like Dybala is long overdue.


Dybala is unlike any player in their squad in the attacking third. Isco is possibly the closest thing but Dybala’s far more technically proficient to anything else Real has to offer and again offers more of a goal threat from deeper.


Unlike Barcelona, it would be fairly obvious to see where Dybala would slot in. The attacking midfielder role, behind the strikers, looks likely although that would mean the impressive Isco would end up back on the bench. Whilst Dybala could comfortably be used as a second striker.


All in all the ‘fit’ with Real Madrid looks a good one.



Griezmann’s future will be interesting. It’s hard to see him leaving Atletico for Real but Barca and Utd are serious possibilities. I can’t see either club signing both him and Dybala.


Dybala is good enough to play anywhere but I also can’t help but feel he will be more suited to the more technical and less physical La Liga as opposed to the Premiership.


Man Utd might be financially the strongest team in the world but when it comes to competing for players, no English club can compete with the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona when they are serious about a player.


The reputation and success of these clubs, past and present cannot be competed with. Most players but South Americans in particular see Spain’s big two as the pinnacle. So if Real or Barca come in for Dybala I don’t see Utd standing much of a chance.


Real Madrid looks the most likely move in my opinion. It’s easier to see where Dybala would fit in, their needs are greater and there looks like less potential tactical conflicts.


Barca have so much talent already I think it’s less likely they will make a move for Dybala unless something shocking happens like Messi leaving and the need for a ready made replacement.


The prospect of a move to Real Madrid and taking over the mantle as being their leading man, in direct competition with his nation’s greatest ever player in Barcelona might be too much to refuse.



Who will get Dybala? Leave a comment below.




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