Emre Can news – Bad news for Liverpool?

In Emre Can news, Juventus look to be planning a move for the German in the new year according to Juventus Chief Beppe Moratta. Emre Can will be entering the final 6 months of his contract next year so he would be free to discuss the possibly of a pre-contract agreement with any club from abroad. Juventus are looking to take advantage of the situation.


We look at the likelihood of Emre Can leaving Liverpool and what a move to Juventus might mean for all parties.


Liverpool Transfer News Update

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Emre Can 

Age: 23


Position: central midfielder but can also play defensive midfield as well as defence.

Transfer Fee: Free

2016/17 League Stats: 26 starts (6 sub appearances) 5 goals (2 assists)



Emre Can has been a good player for a while now, not spectacular but good. His progression might not have come at the quickest of rates and there may have even been uncertainty whether he would progress as had hoped. I think it’s safe to say he’s back on a good path and is still improving. Like a few Liverpool players, he has kicked on under Jurgen Klopp.


Can is extremely versatile. He’s played at centre back. He’s even featured for Germany at full back but for sometime his versatility looked like it could be his undoing. Failing to get regular games in a set position looked like it was harming his development for a while.


emre can newsHowever he looks to have established himself in the centre of Liverpool’s midfield and is really starting to look a good player. He’s arguably become Liverpool’s best centre midfielder. At the very least he has the potential to continue improving to become a key player… if he isn’t already. I’m not sure you can say Henderson or Wijnaldum will improve much more. There isn’t an awful lot in it between Liverpool’s midfielders.


With Naby Keita joining next season, Liverpool will look even stronger in midfield and his signing can only help all the Liverpool players, particularly those alongside him in midfield. Keita’s qualities will mean he takes on his fair share of defensive responsibilities which should reduce the burden on the likes of Emre Can… if he stays.


Keita and Can are both young and have the qualities and potential to be the foundation of Liverpool’s future success in midfield. It’s important that they keep the German. Keita’s signing is a big step forward. Losing Can could be a big step backwards.


Keita looked like he was going to be giving the Liverpool midfield some much needed depth but losing Can would take the club back to square one.


At a conservative guess Can must be worth around £40mil, possibly even more if he was tied to a longer contract. So Liverpool won’t only suffer in a footballing sense if they lose him next summer. Financially Liverpool will be taking a big hit too if they lose him. Not to mention the substantial costs of a replacement.


We are seeing a lot more players turning down contract offers recently. Clubs too are refusing to bow to player demands when it comes to transfer requests. What we are seeing is the result of all the money being injected into the game in England at the moment. Clubs have more money than ever so aren’t feeling the financial pressure to sell valuable assets. Whilst players, fully aware of the club’s financial resources (and if they aren’t their advisors will make sure they are) are holding out for more money.


Is any of this happening with Emre Can? I really don’t know. He could possibly feel under valued. I’m not fully sold on that idea though. Maybe he wants a new challenge. Maybe he feels he needs to move to bigger club to continue his development. Juventus are one of the top clubs in Europe, Liverpool are a level or two below I think it’s fair to say.


The German really has a well rounded game, barring maybe lacking an initial burst of speed and some questionable decision making. His finishing might not be the best either but that’s not really a requirement for his role.


Physically he’s strong and has good energy, which compliments his strong work ethic. He’s brave, good positionally and has good reading of the game. Technically he has the lot too, can tackle, pass, dribble and has a good touch with the ball.


Modern football is demanding more of players, especially in midfield. Players are expected to be able to do 2 or 3 jobs. Can looks very much like he’s becoming a modern midfielder.


It’s no surprise that one of Europe’s elite is looking at Can.



Usually when it comes to rumours we are talking about indirect ‘reports’ or unofficial ‘sources’ but in the case of Can’s link with Juventus, it has to be taken seriously because a club official has publicly admitted their interest. Emre Can is firmly on Juve’s radar.


emre can newsWere Can to join Juventus however I think he could struggle to make an impact. Regular football could be a problem. Seasoned internationals Pjanic, Khedira and Matuidi are waiting to contend for a starting place. All are vastly more experienced and are far more proven, domestically and in Europe. Even Sturaro and Marchisio are top players and depending on the tactical set up, could be direct competition too.


So in terms of Can’s favoured central midfield role, he won’t be an immediate starter. A move to Juventus would be a step back as he’d need to re-establish himself within a new team.


He has the potential to become an important player for a club like Juventus so if he’s prepared to be patient the rewards could be big but will he get enough opportunities and how will his development be effected without playing week in, week out? It’s a risk.


Liverpool still looks like the best place for Emre Can and his growth. They are in the Champion’s League and I would expect them to qualify again next season. His physicality suits English football. His energy and work rate suits Liverpool. He also seems to be trusted by Klopp.


I personally think it’s too early for him to leave Liverpool. Whilst he’s a good player, I don’t see him starting at a better team.



I’m torn on this story. I see no real reason or motivation for Can to leave Liverpool so this news came as a bit of a shock. As did finding out that he was entering the final year of his contract. I can’t believe that Liverpool would have willingly allowed this situation.


Therefore that means Can must have instigated this, refusing to sign. I don’t know if that’s true but that seems the most logical explanation to me. If that is the case then it’s looking a strong possibility that he could leave.


I can understand why a club like Juventus might be hard to turn down plus the financial benefits of leaving on a free agent is obvious to anyone. No transfer fee usually means a substantial signing on fee.


I don’t think he should leave Liverpool but Juventus is a bigger club at the moment and the financial motivation is certainly there so I’m inclined to believe this one could happen, unfortunately for Liverpool fans.


I think he should stay so I’ll say I think he will stay and sign a new contract but it wouldn’t surprise me if the financial lure is too much.




Do you think he’ll leave? What is the best club for Can? Leave your thoughts below, I’d like to hear them.

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